20 Apr'16

No Wallet? No Problem.

Smartphones have brought us the power to control our homes, order a car, and now have the ability to replace your credit cards. With the Spring 2016 version of Ascend and an Ingenico terminal, you can now join the fun. Plus, some information on submitting your 2016 Trek Fest...

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6 Apr'16

Worth the Wait

In case you missed last week’s post, we’ve started to roll out the Spring 2016 version of Ascend to select retailers. Wondering why you haven’t seen the alert to update yet? Well, to make things as simple as possible for you and your team, we’ve broken the release into several...

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29 Mar'16

Update to Spring 2016

The wait (for some of you) is over! Spring 2016 is available now for select retailers. But to make the experience as painless as possible for you and your team, we’ll be staggering the roll-out of this update depending on whether or not you’re a multi-store retailer and whether...

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15 Mar'16

Get Down With Spring

Ordering, Purchase on Account Sarah March 15, 2016

In just a few short weeks, the Spring 2016 version of Ascend will be available to all retailers. While we wait, we’ll spend some time this week giving you a preview of some of the great new features it’ll include. But you can always head to our Release Notes...

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