Update starting January 28th

Still using Windows 7?

The January 2020 version of Ascend does not support Windows 7. Click here to learn more.

Keep your team updated and customers happy.

Simple service.

January 2020 gets you back to simple basics with a new way to manage your work orders.

You can now enter a start date for work order items that don't require immediate attention and edit internal Work Order Detail notes or Comments for transactions without leaving the Service Center.

Improved performance and new rental controls.

Less clicks. Faster sales.

Cancellations are a bummer. But modifying reservations shouldn't be. Quickly cancel Ascend reservations with a single click and experience faster system performance with our updates to the Reservation Center. 

Plus, you can now sell rental items from within any reservation - helping you get from rental to sale faster.

Live product details for peace of mind.

Transparent checkouts.

Level up your customer checkout experience with an upgrade to your Ingenico payment terminal.

The latest version of Ascend introduces sale item displays on your payment device during a transaction. Give your customers a live view of product names and pricing while you ring them up!

How did we do?

We develop for retailers like you. And we're committed to providing you the best system in the business. Let us know how we did with January 2020.

Add texture to your traffic with the next generation people counter by RetailNext to help reduce unneeded costs and improve your service.

Paired with the power of Ascend, the Aurora is an all-in-one IoT sensor gives you true traffic measuring that automatically excludes store staff from counts and key KPI metrics to help you make impactful business decisions.

Your data, centralized.

Ascend HQ

Have you logged on to Ascend HQ? Users can quickly view sales overviews, check benchmark performance, measure key retail metrics, and plan for the future with actual location data - even multi-store locations. Plus, it's built for the cloud!

Updates are automatically applied and ready when you are. We've recently added the Sales Team Analysis report to display Quote and Layaway columns. And the Sales by Category report can display inventory and location-specific values.

We've partnered with the Listen360 Customer Engagement Platform to provide you an automated customer survey tool - a value of over $5000 per year

With Ascend integration, real-time detractor alerts, and daily email summaries, Listen360 helps you listen closely, respond quickly, and cultivate the kind of loyalty that results in personal recommendations from your happy customers. And now, SmartEtailing customers can easily show off their scores. 

Retail management beyond the sale

Explore our industry-leading integrations and grow your business.

Make more connections.

Receive genuine "word of mouth" recommendations and reach more qualified prospects to help you grow.

Keep it personal as you grow.

With near real-time feedback and insights from customers, you can deliver a world-class retail service experience.

Get valuable testimonials. Listen360 can help you stream testimonials to your main and social sites building up your visible reputation.

Find answers your way.

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