We're making some updates to your update

You provided us with feedback and we're making changes! Our development team is working hard to implement some updates to the newest version of Ascend, so we've temporarily halted all upgrades to May 2020. Check back on this page for more details soon.

Save your service.

Put your work orders to work.

March 2020 gets you back to simple basics by preventing accidentally closing out of work orders too early.

Work orders with active Work Order Details that aren't yet marked as Completed can't be finished as a sale. Even if they're paid in full. And work orders with any active Work Order Details cannot be unmarked as a work order . These updates ensure the work doesn't get lost in the shuffle, and your customers get their repairs in a timely manner.

Feed your Retail Profit Machine.

Access more metrics and detailed comparison reporting.

Ascend HQ provides you with a plethora of reporting tools that you can access anywhere you have an internet connection - whether that's in the store, at home, or on the go. On the Analytics page, the Retail Profit Machine metric gives you a quick overview of your most important business information - and new Average Work Order, Average Days in Stock, and NPS values add even more data to your dashboard.

Compare sales and inventory performance from year to year with the Category Analysis report so you can make data-driven decisions about what products to keep on your sales floor.

Contactless is the new normal.

Update to superpower your payments.


Starting with May 2020, Ascend customers with integrated Chase payment processing in the US can now accept near-field communications (NFC) payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and VISA payWave.

We've also simplified the choices customers see when they're using a physical card and added the ability to view transaction details during checkout. Ingenico payment terminals now show sales items, taxes, shipping charges, discount totals, payments made, and total due.

Access COVID-19 resources

We're all in this together. Save the season by making the most out of all the Ascend products and services available today. Our team is standing by for yours.

Customer feedback, automated

Engage with customers even when you can't.

The retail landscape continues to evolve and that's probably meant making changes to the way you run your business. Make sure you're still connecting with customers and collecting vital feedback, even when social distancing. We've made it easy!

With Ascend integration, real-time detractor alerts, and daily email summaries, Listen360 helps you listen closely, respond quickly, and cultivate the kind of loyalty that results in personal recommendations from your happy customers. And now, SmartEtailing customers can easily show off their scores. Enable the features today.

Keep it personal as you grow.

With near real-time feedback and insights from customers, you can deliver a world-class retail service experience.

Get valuable testimonials.

Listen360 can help you stream testimonials to your main and social sites building up your visible reputation.

Make more connections.

Receive genuine "word of mouth" recommendations and reach more qualified prospects to help you grow.

Ascend HQ

Your data, ready wherever you are.

Keep tabs on your retail business from anywhere with Ascend HQ. Quickly view sales overviews, check benchmark performance, measure key retail metrics, and plan for the future with live data from all of your locations. And because it's built for the cloud, updates are automatically applied and ready when you are. No extra steps needed.

We're continually adding new metrics, reports, and features, so be sure to check back often.

Find answers your way.

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