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March 11, 2015 General, Version Updates, Work Orders Eddy

We’re just days away from releasing the Spring 2015 version of Ascend. This week we’re highlighting a few more changes you’ll soon be able to take advantage of at a workstation near you.

Checkout Champ: It’s not just the icons that have been updated on the Sales screen. An improved layout and new functions will enhance your experience at the point of sale. Enjoy:

Streamlined Statuses: We’ve made improvements to Work Order Status management.  The status field in Work Order Details is no longer a free for all. This version allows you to:

e(-z)Commerce: Online sales are an increasingly important part of any business, so we couldn’t leave eCommerce untouched . Easily:

Stay Tuned: The Spring 2015 version of Ascend is less than a week away. Keep your eyes on this blog and on the Ascend Customer Network for ways to help make the most out of all the changes. Need a more visual way to stay informed? Check out our video library to watch short tutorials that are sure to make you an Ascend Pro in no time!

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