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Are You Capturing More Customer Data?

May 29, 2014 Customers, Reports Luke

In Version 2.9, we introduced the new Customer Data Capture report. It tells you, by employee, how well you’re doing at getting contact information from your customers. With version 2.10, we’ve made some improvements.

If you’ve run the Customer Data Capture report in the last week, you’ve seen a new “Address” column to track the capture of a customer Billing Address. We also updated the calculation of percentage captured for each metric to be a subset of total transactions instead of customers captured. Lastly, we improved the .pdf export to default to landscape format with all columns displayed on one page.

Customer Data Capture 2014-05-25

Even Fewer Clicks for Online Reports:

When you upgrade to Version 2.10 on June 10th, you’ll also notice some improvements in the Reports screen of Ascend. Direct links to the Ascend Health Checkup, Customer Data Capture and Inventory & Sales History reports on AOR have been added. Before, you had to click the AOR button, scroll through the list of reports, and click on these reports to run them. Now, it takes one simple click from within Ascend.

AOR in the Client


The Version 2.10 release is less than 2 weeks away.  Be sure to mark your calendars to upgrade and start enjoying these new features!

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