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3 May'21

Quarterly Update – May 2021

General, Version Updates Mark May 3, 2021

We’re committed to keeping you informed on upcoming improvements and useful features that can help you grow your retail business. Earlier this year we started our path towards tripling our investment in product development work. We wanted to help you build on 2020’s momentum and knew we needed more...

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28 Dec'20

Happy New Year

New Year, new reports, new best practices! 2021 is just around the corner. Do you have a new year’s resolution yet? If not, we recommend putting the Ascend Retail Profit Machine metrics on your to-do list! Limited support: The Ascend support line will be closed for the New Year’s...

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16 Dec'20

Happy Holidays

The holidays are almost here! We know you’re excited for a break, but there’s still some work to do before the celebrations start. Update your notes (and then check them twice) to make sure your whole team knows the upcoming limited support hours and changes to UserVoice. Limited support:...

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2 Dec'20

Taking stock

It’s December – and you may be adding either “finally” or “already,” or maybe even both! But before 2020 comes to a close, make sure you’ve got a plan for your year-end physical inventory count. Scanner rentals: Having more scanners on your floor during your physical inventory makes the...

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4 Nov'20

The holidays come early with November 2020

2020 is drawing to a close (and maybe that’s a good thing?) – but we have one last bundle of Ascend goodies coming before the end of the year! The November 2020 update will be available to most retailers in the US and Canada starting November 11, 2020. Keep...

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23 Oct'20

Meet Iskra, Ascend Support Technician

Ascend Support, Meet the Team Erin October 23, 2020

Every so often, we feature one of our team members in the blog to give you a chance to get to know the people that develop Ascend, balance your books, and support you every day. This week we are talking to Iskra Esparza, an Ascend Support Technician, who helps...

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28 Sep'20

Personalize your checkout experience

Blog Eddy September 28, 2020

Ascend retailers using Chase integrated payments with their Ingenico terminals provide a safe and secure checkout experience for their customers. Now, the new Lane/7000 allows for larger and higher quality images you can use to promote upcoming sales or local events. Learn how to personalize your checkout with a...

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30 Jun'20

Improved ecommerce uploads

eCommerce, Integration, Inventory Eddy June 30, 2020

Ascend now delivers more frequent ecommerce uploads from your in-store point-of-sale to your SmartEtailing website. The best part? It starts today and happens automatically! Online retail worldwide saw sustained Black Friday-level web traffic for nearly two months earlier this year. And while we believe the peak of these sales...

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29 Jun'20

Happy Fourth of July

The Fourth of July holiday is coming up fast here in the US! That also means we have some holiday support hours coming up. Stay on top of summer by adding our limited support hours to your calendar and signing up to update to the May 2020 version of...

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3 Jun'20

Meet Bonnie, Ascend Retail Accountant

Blog, Meet the Team Erin June 3, 2020

Breaking news: we’re bringing back “Meet the Team!” Every so often, we will feature one of our team members in the blog to give you a chance to get to know the people that develop Ascend, balance your books, and support you every day. This week we are talking...

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20 May'20

Contactless NFC payments are here with May 2020

While this spring has been anything but normal, summer is on its way – and we’ve been preparing for sun. Our team has put in a lot of work (at home) into the May 2020 version of Ascend and we’re excited to share it with our retailers starting May 20th, 2020....

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11 May'20

Moving into May

We hope everyone is staying safe and happy during these unusual times. Today, we’re going to cover a couple more items on our list of COVID19 resources for retailers of all sizes meant to help you save the season. There’s more than one way to sell products online: Most retailers are...

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8 Apr'20

Save the season

Ascend Help, Ascend Support, General, Sales Erin April 8, 2020

We know the season is off to a rocky start due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. We’ve put together a list of resources for retailers of all sizes meant to help you save the season by making the most out...

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10 Mar'20

Enter the portal

Integration, Vendor Updates Erin March 10, 2020

We’ve updated our website to make it easier for you to access vendor product spreadsheets, system drivers, and other Ascend downloads securely! Here’s what you need to know to get started with the new Ascend Retailer Portal. Get access: All current Ascend retailers are eligible to join the Ascend Retailer Portal!...

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26 Aug'19

Watch to win

It’s your last chance to get entered in our Ascend University contest! Take some time to watch the latest videos from Ascend University, verify you’re up-to-date on all the modules, and get entered to win an Amazon Echo Show. Next week, we’ll be announcing our winners – after Labor...

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11 Jun'19

Happy Birthday, Ascend!

The times they are a’changing! It’s the beginning of the busy season for retailers, and we’re making some changes to get you through it with ease. The summer update is being released on July 23rd and we’ve changed our future update schedule to better fit your schedule. There are also...

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14 May'19

A letter to Ascend retailers

Recent outages made it very difficult for a large number of North American retailers east of the Mississippi to conduct business as normal. All of us at Ascend sincerely value you as customers and pride ourselves on having the best system and best support in the business. Unfortunately, we...

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16 Apr'19

Rebates galore

Trekfest is coming to a close and it’s time to get those rebates! And that’s not the only Trek Connect Retail Marketing campaign available. Trekfest Wrap up: Trekfest is coming to an end! Grab the rebate queries here. Rebate queries are due to Trek by Monday, May 6 and are based on Trek...

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12 Feb'19

Stay ahead

Hardware, Version Updates, Windows Erin February 12, 2019

If you’re snowed in like all of us in Wisconsin this week, you might find yourself with a little extra downtime. Which sounds like the perfect time to make sure your computers are at the top of their game! This means you’re running the December 2018 version of Ascend,...

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6 Feb'19

Promotions and Prizes

It may be dreary outside, but we’re cooking up a lot of good things at Ascend! We’ve wrapped up our February Ascend University contest and have chosen a winner. One Trek Connect Retail Marketing campaign is coming to an end, and another one it beginning. Finally, be sure to...

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22 Jan'19

Swing into action

Ascend University, Videos Erin January 22, 2019

Start the year right with some superhero training on Ascend University (and a chance to win BIG!), dusting off the cobwebs on your old accounts (or creating some new ones!), and using your spidey-senses to get insider information on Trek’s new B2B website being launched this year. Win to...

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13 Jan'19

Get a fresh start

2019 is now in full swing, and it’s a great time to make your resolutions to build a better business this year. This week, we’re bringing you some easy tips to help you make your list. 2019 release schedule: We release a new version of Ascend every quarter to...

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19 Dec'18

Your December update is here

Ascend University, Version Updates, Videos Eddy December 19, 2018

Meet Ascend HQ with the December 2018 version of Ascend starting on December 18th. Update today to start taking advantage of our all new online reporting management console. December 2018 is here: Keep a pulse on your business with the new version of Ascend. Share rental item availability, set...

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28 Aug'18

Fall is just around the corner

The leaves are already turning colors in Wisconsin, which means fall must be coming! To kick off the season, our support lines will be closed next Monday for Labor Day. We’re also wrapping up the summer season with another Ascend University contest and Saris is welcoming fall with a Labor Day sale....

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6 Aug'18

Bring it in

Things are coming together this week – the Ascend Team for an all staff meeting, cyclists for Ride Across Wisconsin, and important ‘best practice’ information for vendor product imports. Mark the calendar and grab your notebook – you’ll want to write this down! Limited support: The Ascend support line...

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16 Jul'18

A little help from my friends

Ascend, Ascend Help, Ascend University, Videos Erin July 16, 2018

The Ascend support line will be closed briefly Friday morning, but there are a lot of great resources available to help out while we’re away! From videos to articles to conversations with other retailers, we’ve got a resource type for everyone. Limited support: The support line will be closed from 9:00am to 10:15am...

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12 Jul'18

Service central

By now, your season is probably in full swing – and now that customers are out and about in the great outdoors, their equipment probably needs some TLC and your service center is bustling. This week, we have a few tips to keep things humming along. Hotfix incoming: Retailers...

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26 Jun'18

Make a reservation

If you’ve already updated to the June 2018 version of Ascend, hopefully you’re taking advantages of the cool new features! If you aren’t on June 2018 yet, make sure to set aside some time outside of store hours to update. You should also take a few minutes right now...

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21 Jun'18

Summer is here!

June 21 is officially the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere – but here in Ascend, we’re celebrating a few days early with the release of the June 2018 version on June 19! Normally, we try to keep our summer releases focused on fixing bugs and improving...

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4 Jun'18


The next Ascend release is just around the corner, and it brings a lot of cool changes, including a whole new take on Rentals and Reservations. And coming this week, we’ve got the start of the TCRM Scratch &  Win and the Trek 100 this weekend. June 2018 version...

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14 May'18

Updated subscription fees

Ascend, Ascend Help, General Mark May 14, 2018

This week we’ve got a special message from our Ascend General Manager, Mark Hoggatt, regarding the recent update to our subscription cycles and some awesome news on upcoming integrations. Dear Customers, I’m writing to you today to announce changes to our Ascend fees: Starting in May, we’ll bill you...

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10 May'18

Base camp roundtable

Hardware, Products, Work Orders, Workstations Sarah May 10, 2018

This week, our entire team is gathered in Waterloo, Wisconsin at the Ascend headquarters for our annual Ascend Global Summit. During this time, we fly in members from our international offices (UK/Ireland, Germany/Switzerland, and – new this year! – Australia/New Zealand, Spain, and Japan), as well as remote members...

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2 May'18

Towards the summit

We’ve got some important updates for you this week! Read on to learn more about some upcoming limited support, the importance of keeping your PCs upgraded, and the General Data Protection Regulation taking effect later this month.  Heading towards the summit: Every year, our global headquarters in Waterloo, WI hosts a...

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21 Mar'18

Your update is ready

Multi-Store, Version Updates Eddy March 21, 2018

It’s update week! Have you downloaded the latest version of your favorite retail management system yet? Read on to learn more about what to expect, trekbikes.com availability information and preparing for Trek Fest. Be more efficient: Spring 2018 brings the final phase of our legacy multi-store service retirement. That...

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19 Feb'18

Today’s the day

Ascend Help, Ascend Support, Videos, Workstations Erin February 19, 2018

The calendar might say today is National Love Your Pet day, or that Thursday is National Margarita Day, but here at Ascend, every day is National Ascend day! We just won’t make you write that across the whole calendar. For now, we do have a couple important dates and...

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13 Feb'18

Spring cleaning

AscendScan, Hardware, Products, Scanners, Windows, Workstations Sarah February 13, 2018

The groundhog may have seen his shadow, but we’re still getting ready for spring. This week, take some time to do a little housekeeping to ensure you’re prepared for whatever the season brings. KHS part number updates: KHS has changed a large number of part numbers in their system...

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24 Jan'18

Time to focus

Ascend, Ascend Online Reports, General, Products, Reports Sarah January 24, 2018

For most of the country, January is a pretty slow time in terms of sales. But that makes it a great time to focus on the aspects of your business that tend to fall to the wayside when the busy season hits. This week, take some time to make...

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16 Jan'18

New year, new gear

General Eddy January 16, 2018

2018 is in full swing – make it the best year yet! This week, we’re focusing on some ways we can help. Read on to learn more about our upcoming live seminars aimed at helping our customers grow their business with Ascend. Grow your business: Small business owners and...

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10 Jan'18

Things are heating up

Hardware, Scanners, Version Updates Erin January 10, 2018

It may be chilly outside, but that’s no reason to put off your full-store inventory! Make sure you and your inventory scanner are warmed up and ready to go on the big day. You should also write down some upcoming limited support hours. And if you’re not on the...

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4 Jan'18

Ring in the new year

Happy 2018! Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Right now, you’re probably focused on getting your inventory done – but set aside some time this week to make a plan to get the most out of your system this year. Check your backups: We say it a...

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19 Dec'17

It’s present time

The Winter 2017 version of Ascend is finally here! Winter is bringing you some holiday goodies – including a new Purchase on Account workflow, some sweet Purchase Order updates, and it’s all topped off with shiny new Transaction Open messages. Speaking of holidays, take a moment to see what’s...

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13 Dec'17

UPDATED: Keep on giving

UPDATE: 12/15/17 3:30PM CST  The vendor file import for the Bontrager Circuit helmets below will only change vendor product descriptions. In-store product descriptions must be changed manually. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience! Original post: 12/13/17 The holiday season is upon us, and your customers are clamoring for gifts. This...

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6 Dec'17

Winter incoming!

General, Version Updates Eddy December 6, 2017

A new version of Ascend is almost here. This week, we’ll take some time to give you a sneak-peek at the changes. Better. Faster. Stronger: Winter 2017 is built to save you time and give you more control. It brings updates to Purchase Orders, Purchase on Accounts, Spaces, and...

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28 Nov'17

Check the list

This time of year, it’s easy to let things fall through the cracks. So we’ve made this list that you should check twice – and it’ll help keep your holiday season nice! This week we’re preparing for full-store inventory, double-checking our database backups, and marking our calendars for the next...

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20 Nov'17

Thankful for our team

Ascend Support, Ascend University, General Sarah November 20, 2017

This week is Thanksgiving in the US, and we’re getting a head start on #thankfulthursday. When you partner with Ascend, you get access to top-notch support provided by people who eat, sleep, and breathe independent retailer success – and our support team is willing to go above and beyond...

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14 Nov'17

Become an AU Sherpa

Ascend University Eddy November 14, 2017

Ascend makes it easier for you to capture customer data, manage your inventory, and make business decisions based on reliable numbers. And that means there’s a lot to learn if you want to unlock its full potential. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you and your team to learn...

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7 Nov'17

Reporting for duty

This week, we’re covering the many reporting options available to Ascend users. Everything from your daily reports within the Ascend system to the complex custom-created reports you can design for you and your shop’s use in Ascend Analytics. Veterans’ Day is this Saturday (November 11) in the US and the...

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24 Oct'17

Here to help

There’s a lot to learn with Ascend. To help you make the most out of your retail system, we’ve worked hard to bring you help beyond the phone. This week, we’re highlighting some support channels where you can find new help topics and updated videos any time of day (or...

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17 Oct'17

Like a boss

Marketing, Products, Version Updates, Work Orders Sarah October 17, 2017

Boss’s Day was October 16, and this week, we’ll help you learn to be the boss of your service center by turning on the new technician scheduling settings. Schedule work orders by date: Over 80% of our retailers worldwide have upgraded to Fall 2017. But only a small fraction...

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11 Oct'17

Work it!

Ascend Help, Ascend University, Work Orders Erin October 11, 2017

There’s a good chance your store is on the Fall 2017 version of Ascend right now. This week, to help you make the most of our Work Order enhancements, we’ve put together an FAQ! Read on to learn more. Update to Fall: 80% of our retailers worldwide have updated to...

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26 Sep'17

Stay in the loop

You know you can always reach the Ascend team by phone, but that’s not your only option! There are a lot of other ways to stay connected. Ascend is active on several social media platforms, making it easy for you to connect with Ascend – and with other Ascend...

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19 Sep'17

Stocktake season is coming

Ascend, Inventory, Physical Inventory Harriet Owen September 19, 2017

Stocktaking The summer is over (boo!) and many of you are starting to think about getting stuck into your annual stocktake. This can be a good time of year to do a stocktake, with the summer rush behind us and a busy Christmas ahead. The purpose of a stocktake...

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19 Sep'17

Time to update!

Sales, Version Updates, Videos, Work Orders Harriet Owen September 19, 2017

The Autumn 2017 version of Ascend is already a day old! Have you updated yet? Read on to learn more about the new features and sign up for a live tour of the changes lead by our product manager, Luke Natvig. Spaces: Let’s start with some new functionality we’ve...

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13 Sep'17

Time to update!

Sales, Version Updates, Videos, Work Orders Eddy September 13, 2017

The Fall 2017 version of Ascend is already a day old! Have you updated yet? Read on to learn more about the new features and sign up for a live tour of the changes lead by our product manager, Luke Natvig. Spaces: Let’s start with some new functionality we’ve...

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6 Sep'17

Start the countdown

Ascend Support, Sales, Version Updates, Videos Erin September 6, 2017

The Fall 2017 version of Ascend is coming next week on Tuesday, September 12th. For this week, write a reminder for a brief Ascend Support phone closure to allow for team training. And if you’re attending Interbike later this month, swing by and say “hi”! Limited phones this Friday: This...

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24 Aug'17

Ascend at Trek World!

Ascend, Blog, Marketing, Work Orders Harriet Owen August 24, 2017

Join us for Trek World UK on 5th – 15th September 2017, in our Milton Keynes showroom! Whether you’re already enjoying the benefits of Ascend or you’d simply like to learn more about the system, make sure you come and say “hi” this Trek World! It would be great...

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23 Aug'17

New season, new merch

Fall is quickly approaching! And so is some updated merchandise. Keep the customers smiling by importing updated vendor files into your database, then learn more about the Fall 2017 version of Ascend dropping on September 12th. Plus, we’ve got an update impacting REI and other store branded MasterCards. Read...

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15 Aug'17

Capture that data!

Ascend, Ascend Online Reports, Customers, Reports Harriet Owen August 15, 2017

The hardest part is getting the customers into your store for the first time; so why not use Ascend to help bring them back? Getting the customer’s information at the point of sale is one of the most important things to get into the habit of doing. All this...

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4 Aug'17

Updates away!

Having trouble getting Ascend to recognize your inventory scanner? Printers shared over the network having fits? Are you running Windows® 10? Reset settings from the latest round of Windows® updates may be to blame. Read on to find out how to fix these issues. Unrecognized inventory scanner: Not seeing...

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