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You're Just Days Away From A Better Customer Record

June 6, 2014 Customers Luke

When you upgrade to Version 2.10 next week, you’ll enjoy these updates we’ve made to the customer record.

Send Messages On Demand

We’ve added Email and SMS buttons to the customer record. They become active once an email address or mobile phone number is entered for the customer. Click these buttons to launch a blank draft so you can send a message to the customer from any place you can access their record.

You Asked, We Answered

In Version 2.9 we added a requirement that customer email addresses be unique within the database. In Version 2.10 we’ve added the option to turn this off.

We’ve also resolved a multi-store issue where duplicate customer account numbers were being created for customers created at different locations. The Location Short Code is now used to prefix new account numbers. In addition to resolving duplicates, it also gives you a quick visual indicator of where a customer record was originally created within your dealership.

Address Updates

The button formerly used to copy Billing Address to the Shipping Address fields has been replaced with a “Use Billing Address for Shipping” check box. When this is checked, the fields for Shipping Address will be populated on demand with the most current information in the Billing Address fields. We’ve also added the ability to designate the Shipping Address as “Commercial” or “Residential”.

Goodbye, Advanced Properties

While we’re on the subject of the customer record, to increase credit card security the “Show Advanced Properties” button will be removed with our Version 2.11 release in September. If you’re using these fields, start planning now for life after they’re gone.

New Release Information

We’re just days away from the Version 2.10 release!  Please join us for a brief online session to review the new fixes and features. We’re updating the format and offering two 30-minutes sessions (20 minutes to review the new features and 10 minutes for Q&A). Click one of the links below to register. All times are Central Daylight Time.

Wednesday, June 11th 9:00 – 9:30 AM
Wednesday, June 11th 11:00 – 11:30 AM

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