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November 9, 2016 eCommerce, Inventory, Version Updates Sarah

We’re nearing the final stretch for the Winter 2016 release – expect to see it in early December! For now, read on to get a sneak peek and learn how to send your questions about the changes straight to our product manager.

eCommerce: The Next Generation: Do you manage your pricing, inventory information, or customer orders from an integrated eCommerce website? Well, we’re simplifying the list of rules you need to learn for these features. Helping make your job easier and keeping your online storefront accurate.

Coming with Winter 2016, any product with eCommerce checked in the Product Editor will be included in uploads (“exports”) to your eCommerce provider. It no longer matters when the last time the product was sold, what your inventory level is, or whether it’s currently on a sales promotion.

But before you panic – no, you won’t need to manually manage every single product in your system (or have your website’s product list balloon out of control). When you update to Winter 2016, products that don’t meet the current criteria for upload will automatically be unchecked. And you can easily manage the rest using an in-store product spreadsheet export.

As soon as you change a downloaded (“imported”) eCommerce sale’s status to Completed, it disappears from your eCommerce Sales screen. The transaction will remain in your system and the customer’s history, but it will leave the screen free for just the orders that need attention.

Speak up: Did you know that you can get a sneak peek at Winter 2016 in the release notes or overview video right now? Well, you can! Just use the links you glazed over to learn more about the changes headed your way.

But if you have questions or see something you’d like more information on, we want to know. You probably aren’t the only one! So get some insight and help share it with fellow retailers by reaching out today.

You can now send comments, questions, or concerns to our team in advance for including in our release webinar! Simply send ‘em via email to our Communications Team at training@ascendrms.com before November 25th.

Inventory Ready: Get ahead of the game and make sure you’re prepared for year-end physical inventory by following three easy steps:

  1. Take advantage of our November deal on the powerful MC2180 inventory scanner.
  2. Book your extra rental inventory scanners.
  3. Review our training resources.

And as always, if you have further questions just give us call! Our Support Team is available Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm CST at 877 875 8663. Happy selling!

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