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It's Kinda Like Facebook

April 14, 2015 General Eddy

Last week’s post gave a general overview of all the ways you can connect with our team and other Ascend users. This week we’re taking a closer look at Yammer, which hosts the Ascend Customer Network (ACN).

If you’ve visited our invite-only social networking site, you’ve probably noticed that it functions much like THE social network: there are profile pictures, groups, status updates, and even the ability to “like” status comments, pictures, or other posts. The only thing you probably didn’t see were pictures of cats and that’s because the ACN is meant to allow Ascend users to discuss common issues and share solutions instead viral vids.

But there are still plenty of reason you should be logging in. Read on to see how you can personalize your social experience to get the most out of your system.

Be Social: The ACN has several groups aimed at helping retailers with everything from getting started with Ascend to discussing new features for future product releases, so the key is to stay active.

Take a look at some of the groups and join those that seem interesting or that you think might benefit your business. Looking for a group that doesn’t exist? No problem! You have the ability to create new groups that others can join.

If you’re responding to a post via email, place a few dashes (- – -) after your text so that your comment doesn’t include your email signature. It’s a small thing, but helps keep message threads short.

Just remember: the ACN is a great place to get feedback from the Ascend Support Team and from other users, but should not be used as your primary way to get help. Time-sensitive issues should be directed to our Support line at 877 875 8663.

Configure: The Settings page on the Ascend Customer Network allows you the freedom to dictate what information you share with other users and which notifications make it to your inbox. Once you’ve joined the groups you’re interested in, head over to Settings > Notifications. From there you can select when Yammer should be sending you messages.

Some of the more common triggers you’d want to activate are: when you receive a message to your inbox, when someone invites you to a group, and when there’s new content in your Home Feed. You can also set notifications to alert you to new activity on a group-by-group basis. This makes it easy to be involved without worrying about non-stop messages.

Keep It Light: It is a social network after all, so feel free to share personal experiences and pictures or links to relevant (and PG) topics. But remember to be courteous and respectful with all users. If you’re making a suggestion or providing a solution, keep in mind that one size does not fit all when it comes to something as complex as your retail database. If you ever have any doubts, reach out to our Support Team or send an email to help@ascendrms.com.

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