In-store analytics made easy.

Optimize the shopping experience and simplify managing decisions with Aurora, the all-in-one IoT retail sensor by RetailNext. Now available on all Ascend subscriptions.

Save money. Sell more.

From outside the store, to the entrance, and onto the shopper's mobile device, Aurora simplifies shopper behavior measurement with an all-in-one device built for the future of retail.

Ascend integration allows the advanced sensor access to sales data enabling more reliable conversion rates, augmented sales reports, and shopper yield information across all stores. Aurora leverages stereo vision and integrated on-board analytics to accurately collect and measure behavior. Lead your team to make data-driven business decisions that deliver tangible results.

Add texture to your traffic.

Automatically exclude store staff, leverage smartphone Wi-Fi connections, and get powerful customer insights.

Engage with your shoppers.

Aurora's built-in beacon capabilities allow you to engage shoppers as they enter your store.

Stay compliant.

Ensure store compliance without being there. Access live color video with up to 30 days of on-board recording.

"RetailNext's smart store analytics allows us to build systems and processes around protecting and even increasing conversion, and the increased visibility into traffic, conversion and other performance metrics allows us to better focus on our continuous improvement projects."

Smarter mobile marketing

Set your mobile marketing on autopilot. Increase shopper engagement with personalized offerings and recommendations across SMS, email, and guest Wi-Fi. Then, take online data points and map metrics to similar data points in-store to understand the multi-channel shopping journey.  Easily spot norms, trends, and outliers.

'Virtual' view into your store and trends

Access the RetailNext platform from a web browser and provide access based on role. Through the mobile app, view real-time data and video even when you're not physically at the store. Receive reports directly to your inbox and ensure flawless execution of store promotions and marketing activity.

Get Started with RetailNext

We're working hard to bring you all the tools you need to conquer retail. Use the form below to get more information about adding the Aurora sensor to your Ascend subscription.

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Still doing your own books?

It can take a lot of effort to produce reliable financials. Even with all the data, it's not always easy to determine action. Let our certified team of QuickBooks® ProAdvisors help take the guesswork out of bookkeeping.

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Shawn Tevendale - Blue Ridge Cyclery