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UPDATED: Make Your Resolutions

UPDATE: 1/19/17 10:00AM CST 

Trek has issued a voluntary recall of select Bontrager Approved TLR Disc 700C 24H wheels, including some which were included with Trek 720 Disc bike models. We’ve prepared queries to help you quickly locate bikes and wheels which may be affected (both in your inventory and sold to customers) and steps to best manage inspections for your claims. Learn more about the details on Dexter, and get our how-to guide to learn everything you need to know to manage this recall in Ascend.

Original post: 1/18/17

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? We know – in retail, the beginning of the year is all about inventory, so maybe you haven’t even had the chance to think about them! But don’t worry – we’re here with a list of ways to get the most out of your system year-round.

Keep a healthy system: We get a lot of questions about what tasks retailers should perform on a regular basis. Our Recommended System Maintenance checklists keep you on top of everything your store needs to do daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. And our Recommended System Maintenance for Bookkeepers helps you keep your accounting software in equally tip-top shape, regardless of whether we do your books or you have your own system.

When in doubt, schedule: In Winter 2016, many common reports – and even some custom queries – can be scheduled to automatically deliver via your preferred methods (emailed, saved locally, uploaded to an FTP site, and/or printed).

When you run a report (or query), just look for the Delivery icon on the toolbar – if it’s active, you can schedule it! You can also schedule your system backups (Options > General > Scheduled Back Up) and General Ledger Summary exports (IIF files) for QuickBooks® (Options > QuickBooks > Delivery).

Back it up: Speaking of system backups…Do you know where yours live? Make sure you’re keeping copies somewhere other than your server’s hard drive!

Ascend’s default backup location is C:\ProgramData\Ascend\DB\Backups\ – if you haven’t moved from this location, you run the risk of losing all your historical data if something happens to your server computer. Sure, sometimes the data can be recovered, even if the problem is with the hard drive itself – but this could mean days, weeks, or even months without your Ascend system (not to mention the cost of the work itself).

If you’ve already moved your backups to another location, or are using a cloud service to back up your files – great! But don’t let that be the end of it – unfortunately, other locations can also fail, and cloud services can go offline.

Personal experience: Our website has some exciting updates coming soon! One of those changes is individual logins for each store (two per location)  but we need you to tell us who should get the access for your store. Be sure to fill out our Website Access Request Form before February 20th, 2017 to retain your access to all of our news, vendor update files, download resources, and more.

New Year, new gear: Now that (for most of you) your yearly inventory is over, why not upgrade your old hardware and make the rest of the year run more smoothly? Through the end of January, get the Motorola MC2180 inventory scanner or the Zebra ZD410 Ethernet (network) label printer for 10% off their regular price. That’s just $1035 ($1325 CAD) for the MC2180 and $360 ($461 CAD) for the ZD410 (Ethernet model only).

Purchases over $1500 also come with 12 months of interest-free financing, so be sure to check our Minimum Hardware Requirements to determine what else is out-of-date, then email sales@ascendrms.com to stock up today!

We also have an extremely limited supply of refurbished hardware for up to 50% off – call the Support Team at 877-875-8663 for current availability.


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  1. Ben Saladino says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I had set up an automated backup and receive daily notifications that it’s working. However after reading your post, I thought it might be good to check and make sure it’s still working. It turns out 1 of the 4 stores we have was backing up locally, instead of the cloud.

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