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On Sale Labels are here!

August 18, 2014 Customers, Promotions Luke

Version 2.11 is just around the corner! It went out to our Early Release dealers last week and will be released to all dealers on September 2nd. Over the next few weeks, we’ll preview some of the new features coming your way.

Put a List of Items On Sale

You’ll see a new “Product List Search” tab when placing items on sale. On this tab, you can scan or paste UPCs or SKUs into the top section of the window. When you click Search, the items will appear in the grid below. From there, you can apply your sale pricing to the items in the grid without having to look them up one at a time.


Print On Sale Labels

When a product is on sale, Ascend labels will now display the Sale Price and MSRP. If you don’t want to print the sale price, you can uncheck the “Print Sale Price” check box.

On Sale Label

Stay tuned next week for a preview of Category On Sale enhancements and some improvements we’ve made to On Sale sharing.



6 responses to “On Sale Labels are here!”

  1. Could we have user-definable text where you presently have “(was $xx.xx)”?

    Ideally we should have the choice of using one of two different texts. The first would be for items which are always sold at MSRP, showing the discount from ASRP. Many of us do this for bicycles. We don’t want our bikes to say “was” when they never were that price. In some states it would even be illegal to do so.

    And then for special sales, we could use your “was” wording, or something else of our choosing. Thanks- Mike Jacoubowsky, Chain Reaction Bicycles

    • Luke Natvig says:

      Mike, thanks for posting. I have this down from the seminar at Trek World as well, but it’s always good to make sure.

  2. Bob Reardon says:

    Great improvement, now if we could only get the shop name on outgoing texts for special orders I’d be ecstatic.

    • Luke Natvig says:

      Bob, prepare to be ecstatic! In 2 weeks I’ll be previewing our new custom sms defaults functionality that will also be included in version 2.11.

      • Bob Reardon says:

        OK, that was too easy. How about a default CC: or BCC: on all emails sent from Ascend. 😉

        • Luke Natvig says:

          Bob, when we roll out the custom default messaging functionality for email, we may include the auto CC or BCC feature you’re asking for. That’s likely 2 releases away (March ’15).

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