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Remember the Good Ol’ Features

August 16, 2016 Ascend Online Reports, Customers, Reports Erin

By releasing four major updates a year, we’re often using these posts to help explain how to use new features (like multi-store updates and processing chip cards through Chase Paymentech™) to help power your business. But Ascend has a lot to offer and sometimes existing features might go unnoticed. So this week, we are focusing on a couple hidden gems.

Messaging made easy: You’re probably familiar with messages in Ascend – they contain information on Work Orders Due, Special Orders, and other time-sensitive items within your system. Many of these messages are automatically generated by your database, but did you know that you can also create and send them between users in your shop?

You can create custom messages for all of your staff, or for individual employees. Just click into Messages and select the Add icon to open the Add Reminder window. From there you can:

The next time your assigned staff open Ascend, they will have a new message from you. They can open the message and marked it finished, or write a response and assign it to you (or another employee).

Data on data capture: The Customer Data Capture report contains information on how thoroughly your employees are capturing customer details. Do you have an unusual number of sales with no customer attached, or many Customer records with no information besides a name? With this report, you can check what information your staff is collecting. It shows the percent of sales where employees added a customer’s name, gender, email, phone number, address, and birthday. You can easily see if one area is being missed by several employees, or if one employee has trouble collecting information in general.

Armed with that information, you can connect with staff members for reminders, training, and conversations on best practices when collecting information for a customer’s record.

This report is located on the Ascend Online Reports (AOR) website where you can select Customer Data Capture under the Customers area. To access AOR, you need to have the “Reports – Online Reports – All” user permission enabled. The report can be accessed from Ascend by double-clicking Customer Data Capture from the Customers section of the Reports screen.

Wondering what else is out there? Check out our newly redesigned Help site for more Ascend features, FAQs, and best practices.

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