Bedside Smarts

The July 2019 version of Ascend is out in the wild! Take some time to catch up on your Sherpa status and get entered to an Amazon Echo Show! Just complete all of the modules by midnight on August 31st, 2019.

Win a better wake-up

Finish each module from all four schools by 11:59 PM CST on August 31st, 2019 and be entered to win an Amazon Echo Show.


Score at least 80% on the quiz to pass the modules

Keep track of your points on your Ascend University dashboard and aim to get certified in all three schools by the deadline to be entered into the drawing. No entry necessary. Easy, right?

Become a Sherpa

It's like watching YouTube, but with a short quiz and an awesome prize. Get started in just three easy steps:

Go to and select Create Account. Navigate through classification and role, find your company, and enter your personal information to create your Ascend University account. 

Log in and start watching videos! Once a video finishes, you’ll be taken directly to the video quiz below it. Score at least an 80% on the quiz to pass the module and start gaining Sherpa credit.

Videos are part of at least one of three Ascend schools: Sales, Inventory, and Services. When you complete all the modules in a given school, you become a Sherpa for that area!  

The best part is that many videos are included in more than one school – but you only have to watch them once to get credit for all the schools they’re attached to!

Then download your Sherpa diploma by navigating to Rewards in Ascend University and clicking the blue Download Diploma button that becomes active when you reach Sherpa status.

Stay a Sherpa

We add new modules every month, so be sure to check out Ascend University frequently to keep your status. 

It's worth it - not only can you stay on top of updates to your system, but you become eligible to win some awesome prizes.

Not a visual learner?

From the Ascend Customer Network to the Knowledge Base, there are a lot of other awesome self-help resources available to Ascend users! If you just need a refresher or prefer to follow along with text instructions, check out our other stuff.