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Summer 2015 Has Arrived

The Summer 2015 version of Ascend has just been released to all retailers and it includes updates to Work Orders, Backups, Case Quantities, and much more. Start taking advantage of all the new features right now by downloading it straight from the Ascend Desktop. Not really sure of the changes you can expect? Read on to learn more or click here for a short video explaining the update.

Case Quantities: Never worry about “divide-by” fixes again. When a product can be ordered in bulk, you’ll now be able to configure it’s details for the case by vendor. And since the values received from your Purchase Orders now carry into your In-Store Products, you won’t have to worry about different vendors using different case sizes.

Scheduled Backups: Server PCs can now be automatically backed up to any folder, any time. We’ve even hidden the “Back Up DB” desktop icon on workstations that aren’t your server. Effortlessly:

Updated Defaults: Work Orders got a new set of defaults to help you ensure consistency throughout your workflows. You can also specify different default settings depending on the type of work you tend to perform at particular locations. Enjoy:

Simplified Tabs: The Bikes tab has been rolled right into Serial Numbers. Upon upgrade, both categories will be automatically combined into one tab on the Customer Panel in the Sales screen and in the Customers folder in Database Explorer. Easily:

Custom Payment Types: Start accepting anything from Bitcoins to IOUs and forget about having to keep track of those transactions outside of Ascend. Even customize the payment types available in the Transaction screen. You can:

Purchase Order Enhancements: We’ve added Min and Max columns to the Purchase Order screen to give you an easy place to verify or modify your preferences. We’ve also made selecting multiple line items at once from the Purchase Order screen a breeze. Quickly:

Update Today: The Summer 2015 version of Ascend is now available to all retailers, so update today! Want more information on these and all other changes? Click here to view the release notes or visit Ascend University on Vimeo to watch short video tutorials showcasing helpful features and practices. And if you run into any issues, remember that our Support Team is on-call Monday through Friday 8am-6pm CST. You can shoot us an email at help@ascendrms.com or dial 877 875 8663 to speak with someone today!



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