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The End of the Road for Windows XP

July 24, 2013 General Mark

On April 8th, 2014 Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP.

Why?  Microsoft supports their operating systems for 10 years.  XP’s 10 years are up.

What does end of support mean?  Microsoft won’t spend any more time on XP.  They won’t have any new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates.

What does this mean for Ascend?  It’s time for us to move on too.  We test Ascend extensively on different operating systems to make sure updates are compatible with your PCs.  With the introduction of Windows 8, we now have three operating systems to test.  This is too costly and slow.  We’ve already started to reduce our XP testing and increase our Windows 8 testing.  We’ll end our support of Windows XP along with Microsoft.

What does this mean for you?  Your Windows XP machines won’t stop operating on April 8th.  However, if you call after that date with an issue and we determine it’s XP related, our direction will be to replace the computer.

What can you do now?  Take an inventory of your computers and set a plan to replace your XP machines.  To help you, we’ve negotiated special pricing with Dell for the month of August.   You can purchase client machines for $575 and server machines for $1,400 (monitor not included).

For more details and financing options, contact Ascend Sales at 1-800-313-8735 Ext 12030 or email sales@ascendrms.com.

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4 responses to “The End of the Road for Windows XP”

  1. Doesn’t the upcoming version of Ascend, which will be web-based, make the operating system almost irrelevant, placing the burden instead on the web browser choice? In particular it seems odd to be asking people to update their servers, or will there actually still be a role for a local server in the new system?

    Just curious, as some aspects of my present system are becoming so slow as to be almost unworkable (receiving inventory, for example, and some lookup functions) but I didn’t want to make upgrades until I knew what would make sense with the upcoming web-based rewrite. Thanks- –Mike Jacoubowsky

    • mhoggatt says:

      Mike, our priority is back on programming improvements in Version 2. We continue to work towards our “next generation” system but have no set date. See my June 24th blog post for more details ( http://blog.ascendrms.com/2013/06/24/ascend-business-update/)

      In any case, it’s a recommended business practice for us to keep your hardware up to date. Even with a browser based system there’s going to be interaction with the local operating system, particularly with drivers for peripherals.

      • “Our top priority is to continuously deliver valuable improvements to help you with your business. Our work to bring you the next generation version of Ascend continues. But it’s a huge undertaking and will take longer than we expected. In the meantime we’re committed to keep shipping improvements to you.”

        Saw that, but it doesn’t tell us too much. Sounds like you’re telling us that V2.x is no longer “locked in” feature-wise? Do we have any idea of a timetable for the on-line version? Is it something that simply shouldn’t be on our minds for a while?

        Thanks- Mike Jacoubowsky, Chain Reaction Bicycles

        • mhoggatt says:

          Mike, you are correct. V2 is no longer locked in feature wise. Version 2.6 released earlier this month has a number of improvements. Version 2.7 due out in October and Version 2.8 due out in December will have even more.

          We don’t have a timetable for a full online version. We will continue to move towards our next generation system. In the meantime, your focus should be on using all the new features we’ll be rolling out to you.

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