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The More You Know

Ascend version 2.12 included many big improvements when it was released a month ago, but a few small features may have gone unnoticed. To make sure that you’re getting the most out of Ascend, we’re highlighting a few more smaller additions in this weeks post.

Individuality, Rewarded: User-specific grid views are now available within the Category Mapper and Work Orders Due screens. Easily:

Best Fit: Expanded category drop-down menus make it easier to display category names regardless of length.

Detail Oriented: Work Order Details has also received a few improvements that give users more control. Quickly:

Best System, Best Support, Best Team: Besides improving our software, we’re constantly looking for ways to help make your business perform to its potential. So, whether your find yourself in need of more receipt paper, an updated scanner, or a new PC give us a call to take advantage of top notch support and competitive warranty offerings.

Email our Sales Team at sales@ascendrms.com or go to the Integration drop-down menu from the Ascend Desktop, hover over Ascend and click on Order Hardware and Supplies to place an order today.

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2 responses to “The More You Know”

  1. Kelly Holmes says:

    Just wanted to say thank you! Best fit was a great surprise. This improvement saves time and errors. We are a bike/ski shop so our categories can be quite lengthy.

    • Eddy Cevilla says:

      We’re glad we could help, Kelly! Keep an eye out for more of these smaller changes in future releases 🙂

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