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The Ascend app is just piece of your retail arsenal. Visit Ascend HQ to check out more updates we've made this release cycle, including: the ability to configure automatic email devilry for your Category Analysis report and the all-new RPM Accuracy report (coming soon).

Improved SMS capabilities.

View, reference, and build SMS messages from your POS.

Communication with your customers has always been important. But this year, it's at the forefront for outdoor retailers of all sizes. 

Update to November 2020 to quickly access SMS text messages sent to your customers from your retail location without leaving Ascend.

Now, when sending a customer an SMS message, users will be able to see all messages sent from your store for the last 30 days automatically. Need to see more? Load up to 13 months of SMS history with a few clicks.

See more. Do more.

Quickly access vital email info when you need it.

Instead of having to leave Ascend to view your email messaging info, the November 2020 version allows you to do it in-app. 

Use the new Email tab to verify key message data for all of your customers. Easily view date sent, message subject, sent-from, and sent-to details. 

The best part? You can access the tab from both the Customer Record and an open sales transaction. 

Simplify your service.

Keep better tabs on customer recommendations with MPI.

This year, we introduced a power sales and service tool to help your team better serve your customers: the Ascend Multi-Point Inspection checklist.

And now, we're taking it a step further by bringing you an easy way to view already completed MPIs. 

November 2020 brings the ability to view all previously entered Multi-Point Inspections for your customers in Database Explorer. 

The new MPIs tab is available within Customers, Sales, and Serialization windows. You can also view them on the Customer Record or within a sales transaction to help you quickly reference the data you need at a glance.

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Upgrade to the Ingenico Lane/7000

Secure, contactless payments. Sleek design. Antimicrobial coating.

Designed for speed and efficiency, the Lane/7000 helps improve brand loyalty and drive additional sales. Order your new payment terminal today.

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Keep tabs on your retail business from anywhere with Ascend HQ. Quickly view sales overviews, check benchmark performance, measure key retail metrics, and plan for the future with live data from all of your locations. And because it's built for the cloud, updates are automatically applied and ready when you are. No extra steps needed.

This release, we're adding the ability to schedule email delivery for your Category Analysis report and providing you with a new tool to review your retail performance with the RPM Accuracy report. Visit HQ to learn more.

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