Don't see the update?

To provide all of our customers with the best updating experience, we've staggered the release for September 2020. Retailers currently on the May 2020 version of Ascend will receive the update during the week of September 7th. All other retailers can access it starting September 16th. 

Meet your new sales tool.

Easily provide historic service history and product recommendations.

Developed in close partnership with the pros at Trek Certified Service, the new Multipoint Inspection Checklist was designed to help your team communicate with customers and provide them with an easy to understand view of a bicycle's diagnostic and service history.

This new functionality will help facilitate bicycle intake, provide reminders for your techs as they service a bike, and will also give your sales team a guide for speaking with customers about potential service and product sell-through opportunities upon pickup or delivery.

Improved ecommerce.

Do less and sell more online with SmartEtailing.

Online retail worldwide saw sustained Black Friday-level web traffic for nearly two months earlier this year. And while we believe the peak of these sales might have passed, we’ve worked with our partners at SmartEtailing to help with the high levels of online shopping we anticipate as the world moves forward into the new normal.

Ascend integrated retailers can now take advantage of more frequent product inventory uploads each day for all retail locations from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm PST. Updates are processed automatically every two hours. No action required.

Enhance your checkout experience.

Upgrade to the new Ingenico Lane/7000 payment terminal.

Designed for speed and efficiency, the Lane/7000 helps improve brand loyalty and drive additional sales.

Promote customer health and safety with it's antimicrobial coating and use the large multimedia touchscreen display to highlight in-store products and upcoming promotions. 

Plus, EMV chip, magstripe transactions, as well as NFC and mobile wallet payments are supported out-of-the-box.

Access COVID-19 resources

We're all in this together. Superpower your season by making the most out of all the Ascend products and services available today. Our team is standing by for yours.

We've got new labels. Order now.

Reduce waste (and glue) from your sales floor with removable labels.

Our new removable labels make it easy to take a single label from box to product. Easily print a single store label upon receiving and transfer it to your products when you're ready.Plus, they work with your existing label printer and don't leave residue.

Ascend HQ

Your data, ready wherever you are.

Keep tabs on your retail business from anywhere with Ascend HQ. Quickly view sales overviews, check benchmark performance, measure key retail metrics, and plan for the future with live data from all of your locations. And because it's built for the cloud, updates are automatically applied and ready when you are. No extra steps needed.

We're continually adding new metrics, reports, and features, so be sure to check back often.

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