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Version 2.5 Release Scheduled for October 1st

September 12, 2012 Version Updates Mark

We’ve rescheduled our release of Version 2.5 to October 1st.

With every new version of Ascend, we schedule a “Release Candidate” phase.  One month before our scheduled release date, we give the latest version of Ascend to a large group of dealers to use in their stores.  If we discover any problems, it gives us time to fix them before we give the new version to hundreds of stores.  This has worked very well.  Since releasing Version 2.0 in March 2011, it has helped us to release four quality updates on the scheduled date.  This is something we’re very proud of.

Since August 20th we’ve been in the Release Candidate phase for Version 2.5.  Nearly 90 locations have been running this new version in their stores.  With their help we’ve identified and fixed a few issues that the rest of you will never see.  Late last week we identified an issue with adjusting inventory quantities when turning a quote into a sale.  It is not a common scenario.  It only occurs if you start a quote, hit Preview to print a full-page receipt, and immediately take a payment all in the same session.  We must fix this.  We need to take the time do it properly and make sure it’s well-tested.  We will be spending the next two and a half weeks to do just that.

We take great pride in our on-time delivery record.  However, we won’t sacrifice quality just to meet a date.

I’ll keep you updated on our progress in the next two weeks as we get closer to our new October 1st release date.


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