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December 2018 Feature Overview

Feature OverviewDecember 2018

Wrap up the year with the newest version of Ascend! December 2018 is coming on Tuesday, December 18th and brings updates to Customer Records, Reservations, and Transfer, along with the new reporting platform: Ascend HQ. 

Narrated by Ascend Retail Accountant Manager, Erin Tome.


Feature OverviewSeptember 2018

Another season has flown by – which means the next version of Ascend is coming! September 2018 is set for release on Tuesday, September 18th and brings more improvements to Reservations, the new Service Center, and more.

Narrated by Ascend Communications Manager, Eddy Cevilla


Feature OverviewJune 2018

Say ‘hello’ to the June 2018 version of Ascend! Update on Tuesday, June 19th for a complete overhaul of Rentals and Reservationsan updated Discount Calculator, and a new post-purchase email program for your shop.

Narrated by Ascend Communications Specialist, Erin Schober.


Feature OverviewSpring 2018

Spring has sprung! And with it, a new version of Ascend! Available on Tuesday, March 20th, the Spring 2018 version of Ascend brings you an update to thelocked transaction notification, the Reprint Receipt button, a new sales Wizard, and much, much more.

Narrated by Ascend Support Manager, CJ Edwards