COVID-19 retailer resources.

We're all in this together. Save the season by making the most out of all the Ascend products and services available today. Our team is standing by for yours.

Keep taking payments

Outdoor retailers continue serving their communities worldwide with bicycle sales, repair, and maintenance. Use the resources below to learn what we're doing to help and how you can use the tools currently available to collect payments safely and securely.

Contactless payments are here

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and VISA payWave support is now live on Ingenico payment terminals with our May 2020 release. Click to learn more about the upgrades and request a guided update.

Keep your payment terminals clean

If you're using an Ingenico payment terminal to accept payment, you'll want to make sure to keep the device as clean as possible. Learn how the manufacturer recommends doing so using the download link below.

Take online & curbside payments

Avoid needless contact by relying on your website for payment collection and curbside options for pickup. Use the link below to learn how your SmartEtailing website makes it easy to update your procedures.


Not a currently using SmartEtailing? Ascend customers signing up before June 1st, 2020 can save 50% on SmartEtailing Professional and Local solutions for the remainder of the year. They're also including a free personalized build to help you get you online and selling.

Feed your retail profit machine

The world is changing, but retailers worldwide have immediate needs. As an essential business in many countries, bicycle retailers can use Ascend to bring in vital sales dollars and keep the doors open by focusing on a few key RPM metrics you can track with ease.

Use your quotes

Many customers are looking for ways to get (or stay) active during quarantine. Now is the best time to reach outside your retail walls for potential revenue using your data. Review bike and trainer quotes to help you target. 

Get pending items picked up

Space is at a premium and customers might need their products more than ever. Make sure you're reaching out to customers for item pick-ups and use the opportunity to highlight products that can help them detox, clear their mind, and feeling good!

Prospect customers

Check-in with your customers. Reach out to see how they are doing, ask if they've been riding, and whether they have everything they need to get (or stay) active during stay at home orders. The Customer Query tool in Ascend can help you get started.


If you use SmartEtailing’s POS Sync service, ensure you’re set up to have your pricing and stock levels automatically updated every night (you can also manually send updates as needed). Access more SmartEtailing resources here.

Showcase your inventory in more places

Ascend e-commerce integrations make it easy to showcase your retail inventory in places beyond your sales floor.  Just remember to keep your customers in the loop about any changes to your hours, availability, and special in-store procedures.

Sell with Locally

We’ve worked with Locally to develop a query to schedule to send your pricing and stock information for use in their services. Send your inventory and pricing information with ease.

Sell on the Trek website

Your product availability automatically displays on Use the link below for help on Trek Connect E-Commerce integrations.

Sell on your SmartEtailing website

Use the POS Sync Service to automatically upload pricing and stock levels. Customers can order directly on your site and pickup curbside or have product shipped.


Use Ascend's CRM tools to reach out to your top customers, create interest-based customers lists using the Customer Query utility, and export customers for creating awareness message campaigns or retail promotions using the Customers on Mail List query found in reports.

Get the support you need

The pandemic currently has NO effect on the Ascend Support Team’s availability. We’re thankful to have had the infrastructure ready to allow our employees to work from home with full access to all the tools needed to help you and your employees.

Phone support

The support team is available from 8AM to 6PM Central, Monday through Friday.

Emergency phone support

Emergency support is available from 6PM to 10PM Central on weekdays and 8AM-5PM on weekends.

Virtual support

Email support is available by sending us a direct message or using the link below to submit a support ticket .


Customers can purchase from Trek’s site and have their products shipped to your store for pickup – be sure to record any bike builds your mechanics work on or add any returns to your inventory, but DO NOT enter any sales or process any refunds (Trek will handle both of these).

Make the most out of your integrations

Ascend offers a multitude of options for integrations that can help you continue selling to and engaging with your customers without requiring face-to-face interaction.

See what customers need

Without the usual face-to-face contact, it's an important time to keep a pulse on your customers. Review past feedback or connect with new customers using Listen360 powered by Ascend.

Get the vital data you need

Ascend HQ gives you real-time access to sales and inventory information for all your locations. View data for specific locations and dates, and compare key metrics to help you forecast and adapt.

Access your network from home

Meraki customers can rely on the Ascend Support Team for all POS and network assistance. Securely access your shop's network and use Ascend from anywhere with internet access to help limit staff physically in-store.


Selling gift cards or gift certificates is a great way to encourage your customers to support your business. Promotions to give a small bonus amount for free (like “$25 for $30”) can be a great incentive to spend more – create a custom payment type to issue the extra amount.

Become a Retail Sherpa

Quickly onboard new team members or take some training time to learn how to make the most out of your Ascend system. We've got something for everyone on your team.

Training for tomorrow

While the future is always uncertain, we want to help you get to tomorrow. Access our learning resources to keep your team sharp once the skies clear.

Stay sharp w/ Ascend University

Hone your skills by completing all the video modules in any given school - we've got three of them divided by role (Inventory, Sales, and Services), plus the Basics school for the newbies.

Get help on the knowledge base

Our online support knowledge base has helpful articles on everything Ascend. The included pictures allow you to quickly install peripherals, get help with Ascend functions, and find metric definitions for Ascend reports.


This is difficult time and it’s extremely tempting to accept any and all sales; unfortunately, scammers are taking full advantage of the situation. Be wary of shipping big ticket items and process credit/debit card payments on your iSC250 payment terminal whenever possible.

Best system. Best support.

Ascend understands your needs as an independent retailer and we’re committed to helping you get the most out of your systems and your business. So, we've put a wide variety of resources together for you. Click to explore: