Go beyond the sale

Improve your customer service, build better customer relationships, and increase your reviews and recommendations with Listen360. Included with all Ascend subscriptions.

Grow your business

When you take the time to understand what people really want and need, cultivating stronger relationships is easy. Listen360 connects you to customers in a whole new way that leads to increased retention and a higher lifetime value. Plus, it makes it easier for new customers to find you and feel comfortable choosing you over a competitor.

Get instant, actionable feedback with

We've partnered with the Listen360 Customer Engagement Platform to provide you an automated customer survey tool for your business at no extra cost.

Sign up for Listen360

Use the buttons below to activate Listen360 for your business. We'll validate and reach out when you're ready.

Update Ascend

Once we've received your account details from the previous step, all you have to do is update Ascend to the most recent version.

Conquer retail

With real-time detractor alerts and nightly email summaries, cultivate loyalty and personal recommendations from real sales.

Update to September 2020

After submitting your details, there's not much more for you do. Just update your Ascend workstations to the latest version of Ascend to start taking advantage of your Listen360 integrated service when your dashboard is ready!

And that's just the beginning

We're working hard to bring you all the tools you need to conquer retail and are excited to continue adding more value to your Ascend subscription - both in and out of your stores.

Visit listen360.com to learn more about our new service partner.