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You shall not pass (up) on Ascend Pay

Smoother transactions. Fewer mistakes.

Ascend Pay makes it easy to accept in-store payments and helps reduce costly errors

Meet the ultimate payment processing system for bicycle retail. Ascend Pay reduces human error and fraud, speeds up transactions, and integrates with your existing Ascend POS system. No more worries about pricing mistakes or reconciliation errors! Ascend Pay handles everything automagically.

You also get access to top-notch support, reporting, and management tools to help you grow your business.


With Ascend Pay, you can accept credit, debit, mobile, and pay-by-link payments with ease and convenience. Join Ascend Pay today and enjoy the advantages of fully-integrated payment processing: the only payment solution designed for bike retailers.

Pricing and payment options

Don’t settle for non-integrated payment systems that are incompatible with your POS and need third-party hardware – even a single missed or incorrectly applied transaction from a third-party terminal can cost you thousands of dollars and valuable time. Worst of all, it frustrates your customers.

For common transactions, we charge a fixed processing fee + a fee determined by the payment method. And yes, American Express payments are included! Use the links below for a breakdown*.

No setup fees

Pay per transaction, with no setup or monthly account maintenance fees.

One integration

Offer your customers all their preferred payment methods with a single integration. 

Fewer errors

Reduce opportunities for error during checkout and make reconciliation a breeze with integrated processing.

Fast and secure

Pay-by-link eliminates the #1 form of fraud. Get started in just a few steps and start safely collecting payments.

To see how Ascend Pay stacks up to your current provider, book a personalized rate check with our team. We'll give you a bottom-line comparison based on your real-world business environment.

* Terms and conditions apply. Allowed payment methods and pricing vary by country. See rate card for full pricing details. Terms and conditions and rate card will be available at launch.

Registration process overview

1. Gather your documents

Before you can start your onboarding process, you'll need a few important business and banking documents.

2. Start your application

Verify your list of accepted payments, add eligible retailer locations, and identify the number of terminals you need.

Apply now on HQ >>

3. Order terminal hardware

Order your payment terminal hardware from our website. We'll connect with you to confirm final order details upon approval.

4. Start getting paid

Follow our easy guides to install your hardware and enable your Ascend workstations to start taking payments.

Connect everything. Get paid easily. Save time.

Make your point-of-sale payments setup easier with an all-in-one platform that helps you accept a wide variety of payments options from anywhere. Ascend Pay gives your customers more choice and makes it easier for you to get paid faster. Plus, it saves you time and money by integrating directly into your Ascend system. 


Compact and fixed location terminals.

Tap to Pay

Easy payments with any compatible device

Pay by Link

Secure online and remote payments.

The team is really pleased with the new payment system. It makes payments much easier and reliable!

Trek Bicycle Sheffield Fox Valley

Ascend Pay has been working flawlessly. So much easier for customers and zero errors on our side.

World of Bikes

Training and support resources

Want to make Ascend Pay work for you? Check out these links for everything you need to know. You'll find training and support materials to learn how to process payments with Ascend Pay and help your team run the play. It’s easy!